Sunday, 18 March 2012

Welcome Back Sim

Okay so I have been unbelievably neglecting my blog and therefore neglecting myself, but I am back! And I am back with plenty more to report on.  Last week I was lucky enough to be part of my best friend's wedding and will give you all the details about that soon.  I hosted a hens party the weekend before and have attended a couple of psychologist appointments learning a lot about the mind that I can't wait to share.  

As far as my weight loss mission has been going...well it hasn't really at all.  I have been going to the gym about twice a week on average but I really need to eat healthier.  Unfortunately it didn't take long before I couldn't be bothered taking salads to work any more and now I buy my lunch everyday but I am not worried about that as I usually buy a salad sandwich, a wrap or sushi which is all pretty healthy.  It's my chippies addiction and need for food when stressed that is my downfall.  I seem to always feel stretched to the limit with too much to do. My weekends fly by with a Sunday evening to do list as long as the previous Friday's to do list.  I often feel like I am not getting anywhere hence always feeling overwhelmed and eating like I am going to run out of food.  It just makes me feel better and more in control.  I even schedule relaxation which begins to feel like a chore and everything is all about the clock and time.  I wish I could just forget about the time and do what I want when I want but there aren't many days like that.  I am beginning to think my comfort level for stress and busyness is pretty low, I look at others and feel I have nothing on my plate compared to them but I still feel the busyness and pressures of life.  Even fun things like meeting up with family and friends sometimes annoys me because all I want is time on my own.  I just have to come to terms with the fact that this is my comfort level and learn to say no without worrying about it.  So my goal is to say no more, even to lovely sounding things like dinner with family, unfortunately for me I just need plenty of time to myself! I am going to continue with at least two gym sessions a week at the least and try to cut out some of that mindless stressful eating.  

Today marks one year since my lovely man proposed to me, which leaves 10 months until our big day and boy do I have a lot to do.  I will update soon on where I am with my wedding plans.  With plenty more to share, talk soon. I will do my best to update more regularly!


  1. So... um, is that long "to do" list full of option "to dos"? I think a lot of what we do in our own time is optional. If it's overwhelming you, what are you options?
    - make a shorter list
    - recruit some help (many hands make light work)
    - find easier ways to do what's on the list

    Of course only you can probably answer that question.


  2. Bloody hell, that was full of typos....