Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bridal Party Requests

So growing up with a scrapping mother who ended up running a scrap booking store meant crafts were a pretty big part of my childhood. I remember making dream catchers, embossing over the toaster, trying to learn to knit and crochet and I am familiar with terms like sizzix and cuttlebug, vellum, linen and one that cracks me up every time - bling!  I enjoy creating things and so once I was engaged I knew I wanted us to ask our bridal party to be attendants at our wedding in a special way. I searched online for a fun way of asking them and considered buying something special off etsy but just couldn't justifying paying for something that I could create myself. So after some Google inspiration I set to the task of creating a little something to post to our soon to be attendants. With the exception of the best man, they weren't aware of our requests until receiving them in the mail and on the back was a little invitation to a celebration at our place but only if they accept our request. Take a look. 

They became better as I progressed and if I could create them again I wouldn't have gone so heavy with the inking on the girls requests. I created the dresses from scratch and for the tuxedo's I printed the picture on the paper, cut out each component (jacket, shirt, collar of shirt, collar of jacket and tie) on paper and used these as my template to cut each component. I had to put it together with tweezers due to the ties and collars being so little. I am pretty proud of the end result and think it's a nice keepsake for the attendants.  Let me know what you think!

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