Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Current Addictions

It seems since last time I blogged about my current obsessions things have changed a little and I have some new ones to share!  

I was pathetically addicted to Big Brother in my teen years and dreamt of being a housemate one day! I was pretty excited when I heard it was coming back but luckily my dream of being a housemate is long gone.  I was just a little concerned that it had moved to Win and Gretel Killeen was no longer the host.  Alex told me if I watched that crap he would break up with me or something crazy like that (he often says things like this to make me stop doing embarrassing things but it doesn't work).  He is now sneakily watching it and giggling away too!  I didn't watch the beginning but am pretty seriously hooked now.  Even now as I search for an image I find myself watching extra scenes! I am hoping Michael or Ben win.  Are you watching Big Brother?  Who would you like to see win it? 

JAMIE OLIVER - I know I am damn late jumping on the Jamie Oliver bandwagon but lately his British accent has been calling me.  I am addicted to his photos on Instagram of his scrumptious looking dishes and his gorgeous family, I can't help but watch his 30 minute meals show on Thursday nights whipping up amazing meals by literally just throwing ingredients together and his accent just gets me every time, I think he is brilliant!
(I can hear Jamie Oliver saying brilliant now)

BIRDY - So since Bella Ferraro auditioned on X Factor singing Birdy's version of Skinny Love, the song along with Birdy has hit big time here in Aus and I agree with the rest of Australia on this one, Birdy is amazing.  I have heard a few people bad mouth her as per usual but whether she is your taste in music or not how can you argue with a voice like that, she sings beautifully.  And at the age of 16 being able to cover songs and change the songs completely the way she does is pretty awesome in my opinion.  Her album will be on repeat for a little while longer in this house!

SONGPOP - SongPop is the current iPhone/iPad game I am addicted too.  You play against your friends or other music lovers by picking a genre from the list, a song will play for 10 seconds and you have to pick the artist or song name from the list provided, a total of 5 songs are played and then the challenge is sent to your friend, the person who gets the most right in the quickest time wins!  You play back and forth like this for a week before the scoreboard is reset.  Be warned it is time consuming and you need a quiet room when playing.

Unfortunately I am trying to read three books at once right now but am never actually reading them, so I can't report on the book side of things this time around.  I used to read so often but can never find the time these days!

What are you currently obsessed with?  I would love some more things to add to my list ready for when these ones die down!

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  1. Sim, that cover of 'Skinny Love' by that British chick is a major guilty pleasure for me. She does an excellent rendition of it. I was a big fan of the original (by Bon Iver) but her version is just different enough to create a sound all her own. Good call!