Thursday, 21 March 2013

A New Direction

With my new blog header and layout (what do you think? I am pretty proud of it) comes a new focus for my blog.  I want it to be more refined with definition and direction.  I want it to be themed with clear interest and passion.  I want it to inspire and awaken the enthusiasm in others.

I am tired of my little blog being left behind, the last thing on my list, it excites me, I find it both therapeutic and enjoyable as well as challenging.  It helps me to develop my thoughts, overcome my obstacles and to grow as a person, so for this reason I not only want to but MUST devote more time to it.

I want to create more posts on and about weddings and love stories, I love weddings, I love planning and I love LOVE.  I want to talk more about my travels and share the experiences I have had in places other than home. I want to help others to make travel decisions or get more out of their experiences.  I want to share tips and tricks on achievements that I have already accomplished, not that I am an expert but experience speaks for itself.  I want to post enough that I am not just always updating on my life but actually sharing something of value to others.  I want to create more photo posts, to take more photos.  I want to create so many more photo posts it's not funny, photos speak for themselves.

So there you have it, I am planning and setting goals, I am feeling inspired and I hope I can hold onto this inspiration.  I am feeling like I am able to achieve something that I really want to do and I refuse to let anything get in the way.  I promise you that you can expect positive change here at Hakuna Matata.  With a wedding post to come this weekend, stay tuned.

Talk soon,
P.S. some of my old posts might look a little wrong in the way of formatting until I re-edit them to my new blog size, be patient :) 

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