Friday, 29 March 2013

The week that was...

This week has been pretty uneventful consisting of the usual work days with the added excitement of the pending public holidays complimented by Easter eggs and hot cross buns. We celebrated Good Friday (today) with lunch with Alex's family including the little ones (niece and nephews). It's always lovely to see children enjoy Easter and makes the holiday all the more enjoyable for us so called adults.  This year I decided to avoid the usual lunch with one family then dinner with the other. We are always too exhausted after a big lunch and plenty of drink that the last thing we want to do is rush away to do it again. Plus the dinner family always ends up ripped off as we turn up sluggish with little appetite when they have prepared a beautiful feast. Instead we will spend Good Friday with one family and Easter Sunday with the other. I felt at first like I was being a little rude and unsocial but this works so much better for us. It means we are able to spend a little bit of these days with just each other. Today we came home after our long lunch and were able to relax, I even had a nap. So far I am a big fan of this new holiday arrangement and may have to find a way to make it work for Christmas as well.
An unfortunately blurry iPhone photo (I am still cameraless) of Riley finally enjoying some chocolate.
We finished off Good Friday with some Hungry Jacks, yes that's right I had a lovely juicy cheeseburger full of beef on Good Friday. I vowed for this blog to be honest so here I must admit that Alex and I don't believe the story of Jesus, we aren't religious whatsoever and I may even call myself an atheist. I am not here to argue so please don't take this as an invitation to debate. I may not be religious but I am more than happy to have religious people in my life, I wont push my views onto others unless theirs are pushed onto me, it takes all kinds to make an interesting and diverse world. What the religious holidays will one day mean for Alex and I is still yet to be determined, for now we choose to celebrate as our extended family do for the point of spending time with our loved ones, when we have our own children I am not sure what we will do. With my views of religion I do find it hard and a little contradicting to embrace these holidays as the western world tend to do. But that could all change when children come into our scene. 

I have managed to make a lot of progress on our wedding thank you notes which I will post about once completed as well as catch up on some Downton Abbey, my newest addiction. 

My brace and improving scar with still some minimal bruising.

My knee is slowly improving, although improvements aren't really noticed due to spending day and night in a movement restricting brace. My scar is slowly healing and I am coating it in Bio Oil daily to help the healing process. I really need to get motivated and take control of my diet, with limited movement and things like Hungry Jacks I can feel myself putting on some weight. And why is it when you can't move properly you feel as though you could get up early and run? or go for walks! I am not sure where this motivation comes from, we always want what we can't have! Lets hope it continues when I take my brace off on 9 May 2013.

Well I think I'll get to bed and watch another episode of Downton Abbey! Happy reading.

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