Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter Baking

So I know this post is ridiculously delayed but better late than never. Over the Easter break I was able to satisfy my creative side and create some Easter masterpieces. Although I don't fully agree with the Easter celebration I love any excuse for some themed baking! There is something about making a bread product which really gives me a sense of achievement, I love kneading dough and waiting for it to rise and the smell it leaves in the house is amazing. If you haven't made Hot Cross Buns before, don't be scared to try, they are easy but do require a fair bit of time. To prove my dough I place if on a cooling rack over a sink of hot water and then cover it with tea towels this seems to create the right amount of heat for the dough to rise.

dry ingredients
yeast and warm milk
prior to 1st proving
after 1st proving

my proving station

after the oven and with glaze,
ready to eat!
prior to oven (my crosses left a little to be
desired this year)

I also made some dark chocolate Easter cupcakes but was a little rushed when decorating and didn't have time to take some decent photos of them.

my cupcakes
my gorgeous nephew Arden devouring a cupcake on Easter Sunday

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