Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy 1st Birthday

That's right about a week ago my little corner of the world wide web turned 1! Hakuna Matata has (barely) managed to stay up and running during its first year. My first year blogging was almost a failure, not enough postings from me, not enough replying to the comments of my lovely readers, not enough photos and not enough references to everything wonderful, but I survived. 

Year one for my little blog was nothing like I had planned, with inspiration and encouragement from others, this time one year ago I decided to start my blog. Hoping to do many updates, share details of my wedding planning and to share my experience with depression, I was excited and nervous to finally publish my first post after spending months thinking about. Looking back I didn't share nearly as much as I had hoped. Why?? Well life got in the way I guess! I still have a long list of blog post subjects I can't wait to post about and I rarely lose the inspiration to do so, just the time and sometimes my ability to write. Sometimes I know what I want to write but putting sentences together to get the feelings I have across can sometimes be very challenging. Luckily though I am still as motivated, passionate and inspired as I was on day one.

So lets try this all again in year two! Lets hope for more posts, updates and more honesty from me. Thank you to my readers for standing by me this past year, thank you for your love and support and please keep reading during year two. 

Happy Birthday to my blog, thanks for being my outlet for all of my thoughts and emotions this past year. Here's to a second year of more posts, photos and readers as well as a brand new blog header to come very soon!

Talk soon, 

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