Sunday, 24 February 2013

Latest Lustings

Every birthday and Christmas I am asked what would I like, I usually respond with not much at all, I tend to buy things myself if I want them. Only recently I realised that that was a lie, I often find things I really really want but don't buy because it's not financially logical to waste money on this or that. Here is the latest stuff I really really really want!

I have wanted a wiz bang new camera for ages but now that my current camera has basically carked it, I want a wiz bang camera even more. I was lucky enough to take my mum's reasonably wiz bang camera to Thailand recently and now I don't want to travel again until I can get my own wiz bang camera, my current one is six years old and pretty dated plus I need sticky tape to hold it together! So please Alex or some present fairies buy me a wiz bang camera!! 

I also reasonably desperately would like a video camera, I hate to think of all the awesome moments passing us by that haven't been caught on video. Although a camera is my first priority, when little kidlets come to the scene down the track I must have a video camera. And with a decent handful of nieces and nephews now I could really do with a video camera already.

OMG who wouldn't love to have these earrings? as well as every other pair form They have some of the greatest earrings I have ever seen. Not to mention pretty much everything else that they sell. Finally, something on my must have list that wont cost thousands of dollars! 

I have wanted a KitchenAid Mixer since I was a little girl and who knew they had a hot pink one? Now I want one even more. One day I will own a KitchenAid Mixer as well as the awesome pasta attachment.

Okay so I think I have determined that I have expensive tastes, no wonder I never have any present ideas when people ask! Let my aim be to post again with cheaper must haves.

Talk soon,

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