Sunday, 10 February 2013

Marge, Marge, the rains aren't here!

Yes you read that correctly, the rains AREN'T here and boy does poor little Tassie need some rain. Our little island state of Tasmania has been battling bushfires on and off across the last two months. Our weather conditions have been hot and windy and with plenty of dry vegetation to burn, once a fire has started it has been difficult to stop. With Hobart reaching its highest temperature ever recorded on 4 January conditions were bound to get worse. Fire fighters from far and wide have pulled together and defended the homes and lives of the locals, and they really have done a fantastic job but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be behind us yet. 
A bushfire rages through the Lake Repulse / Meadowbank area, as seen from the village of Hamilton, Tasmania, 4 January 2013
I am shocked every time I turn on the news to hear that another fire has sparked up somewhere across the state, although they don't all turn out to be as bad as the worst it is still devastating to here. To think that some of these fires are deliberately lit absolutely disgusts me and sometimes those who light these fires never get caught. Why someone would do such a terrible thing astounds me, I just can't understand it. What I wish would come to such people is not appropriate for me to say but no doubt they will never get the wake up call they truly deserve.

Yesterday I found myself complaining that my washing on the line would smell like smoke, then I gave myself a virtual slap in the face for being so selfish and ungrateful. My problem was pathetic compared to the people who were worrying about their own homes or the fire fighters putting themselves in harms ways defending these homes. I can't imagine how hot and physically and emotionally difficult it must be to fight a fire. 
A bushfire smoke plume is visible from Park Beach in Forcett, south-east of Hobart, the state's capital
So please take this time to spare a thought for those under threat by these fires, or who have already suffered from the fires last month, or those whose family members continue to go and fight the fires day after day, or those even making sandwiches for the fire fighters, anyone involved in fighting these fires deserves our thoughts and our thanks. In the meantime all we can do is pray to mother nature for less wind and more rain. Lucky for me in my inner suburban home I have nothing to worry about but not everyone is that lucky. 

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