Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Okay so here it is my first blog post.  Let me start by telling you why I have created this blog, I mean with the millions of other blogs out there who really needs to read another.  This blog is really more for myself than anything else, it will save my fiance from listening to me blabber on all day about pointless crap that he doesn't really care about because I can just blabber to the rest of the world instead.  After my best blogging cousin Natalie at Winter Love (take a look at her inspiring mama blog) gave me a little encouragement to start my own blog, I procrastinated for three months and here I am finally succumbing to the blogging world. I am currently planning my wedding and although this isn't aimed at being only a wedding blog it will most likely be wedding focused for the next twelve months.  It will be a nice way to document my planning to look back on one day and might even help other Tassie brides to plan their own weddings.  One day I hope it to be a bit a of a travel blog, a baby blog and an everything blog.  I apologise now for spelling or grammatical errors, with some major all things English dictators in my friends and family I am sure I will be promptly alerted to my mistakes and I do hate seeing mistakes like those.

Hakuna Matata means 'no worries' (all those who grew up in the 90's should already know that) which is now my new life motto for everything that I do.  I worry way too much and it's impossible to plan a beautiful wedding if you're a constant worrier. More on my worrying and where it has led me later. 

A little about me, or how I see myself, ask those closest to me and they will probably disagree.  I am  blunt, honest, impatient, a grudge holder, a little fiery, reasonably assertive, I second guess myself, I snap easily, constantly embarrass myself, I lack tact and I think a little negatively.  Underneath all of this I am loyal, I always mean well, I am protective, talkative, fun, I set goals, I plan, I multi-task and obsess easily.  For now, this is my intro, thanks for reading!  

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  1. Yay for you. From my own personal observations, your description of yourself is quite accurate, although, I have NEVER seen all of those traits at any one time. I really hope you enjoy blogging!