Thursday, 2 February 2012

Will you marry me?

The story of my proposal. I must say my proposal was one of the most romantic and extravagant proposals I have ever heard of (but I do have to say that after all). March 2011 we travelled to America for a month, we were visiting my brother in Florida and then spending the last four days of our trip in Las Vegas. The plan was to drive all over Florida visiting theme parks and attractions. One week into our trip I became quite sick, not hospital sick but bedridden sick, at this stage we were in the south of Florida. I took a few days to recover and we then made the long drive back to my brothers place.  The following day we all wanted to go shopping but for some crazy reason Alex wanted to stay back at the apartment alone, somehow he convinced me that this was completely normal so off I went shopping. Two days after that we were planning to make the long drive back down to the southern end of Florida to visit a place called Naples but the night before we were supposed to leave, Alex told me to go to bed early as we had to get up at 4.00am for a flight. I squealed and begged Alex to tell me where we were going. On the premise that it would help me fall asleep Alex finally told me we were going to New York. Not having planned to go there I hadn't done any travel research and had no idea what to expect except that it was going to be a lot colder than Florida. After updating my status on Facebook I nodded off to sleep.  

The next morning we flew to New York, checked into our beautiful hotel which Alex had also organised, The Waldorf Astoria, it was very luxurious. We did some shopping, Alex wanted to buy some nice new clothes. He ended up buying a completely new outfit, shoes and all, I was starting to get a little suspicious. We then booked to go on a boat ride around Manhattan for the following day.  

After the boat ride, in the late afternoon we went back to the hotel, Alex would not tell me what was planned for the remainder of the day but ten minutes after we returned there was a knock on our room door, Alex called to me to say my masseuse had arrived. I then received a professional and very relaxing full body massage. After the massage Alex returned and told me to get ready to go out, I did so putting on the nicest clothes that I had brought with me. We walked out of the hotel only to find a driver with limousine waiting for us, we were then driven around New York whilst sipping on some yummy champagne. By this stage I was starting to get very suspicious, after some time, we pulled up outside Central Park. I was told to take my champagne with me as I got out of the limousine. There a horse and carriage awaited, we climbed into the carriage along with our champagne and we were taken for a romantic ride through Central Park just as the sun was going down. Once the ride was complete we walked a short distance into the Park near an area named Strawberry Fields (a memorial  to the world-famous singer, songwriter and peace activist – John Lennon) , here Alex gave me a big hug and a kiss then got down on a bended knee, he drew a box from his pocket and very sweetly asked me to marry him. I laughed and giggled (this is what I do when I am happy, nervous and excited) and said YES, he put the perfect, beautiful ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed some more. We then walked back to the edge of the Park to the limousine that had returned for us. I was then taken to a very fancy restaurant called Picholine.  The kind of restaurant where the staff escort you to the restrooms and whilst you are in the restroom they remove your meal from the table to keep it warm for you. The staff there knew of our engagement and gave us complimentary dessert and glasses of wine.  

Apart from the rest of the night back at the hotel which you don't need to read about ;) that is the story of my proposal. It turns out that day I spent shopping back in Florida was the day Alex booked all aspects of the trip to New York and the proposal, he had however purchased the ring on Christmas Eve 2010 and my poor mum had the responsibility of keeping the ring safe in her carry on luggage from Australia to Florida. I am a very lucky girl. Thank you my Alexander for asking me to be your wife so romantically.



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  1. Even though I know the story it seriously makes tears well up in my eyes! And I will add that Alex has made it very hard for all of your friend's boyfriends!! Love this story. :)